Simoneau Team

Energy Reliability Services


Energy Efficiency Audits

Let our experts scientifically demonstrate how to cut your energy consumption costs, extend the life of your equipment and, above all, protect your workers and your buildings.


Boilers & Burners Repairs & Emergency Services

Need a planned job on your boiler or burner?
You have an emergency repair? Our team at Simoneau & Sterling is available 24/7.
We can change out industrial burners in 7 days, fully commissioned.


Planned Preventive Maintenance

Let us maximize the performance of your boiler room with our preventive maintenance plan. With regular visits of our experts and proper cleaning and water treatments, you can avoid unncessary steam and heating interruptions.

Simoneau Team


To be able to respond correctly to customer requests, you must have a true passion for your products and services, and that is what we have had for the last 30 years. At Simoneau, everyone who shares this passion is a member of our family.