Simoneau Team

A Passionate Team of Boiler Experts


We are your trusted energy makers whose mission is to provide our local industries high performance boiler solutions and help them reach their full business potential. As a member of the Simoneau family, we leverage the know-how and the expertise of a North American leader in boiler making and services.

Simoneau at a glance

  • 150 experts passionate about boiler services
  • 4 locations in US and Canada to serve our local industries
  • Over 400 boilers manufactured and delivered across North America
  • Tens of thousands of service jobs to maintain and optimise boiler rooms

Your Simoneau Sterling Team

Todd Moore

30+ years' experience 
Industrial Burner and Boiler Systems Design and Specialized Energy Recovery Expert

Todd Moore
Branch Manager

Wayne Hays

30+ years' experience
Industrial Plant/Process Operations and Project Management

Wayne Hays
Sales Manager

Steve Kuehn

37+ years' experience
Mechanical Systems Design and Project Management

Steve Kuehn
Senior Systems Designer

10+ years' experience
Customer Service and Administration

Kristina Mayne
Administrative Assistant

12+ years' experience
Mechanical Service Operations Management, Project Management and Coordination, HVAC Systems Design

Jeremy Snell
Director of Operations